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Profender is the first and only topical broad spectrum dewormer that treats and controls tapeworm, roundworm and hookworm infections in cats. Profender is a convenient single dose treatment for cats and kittens that are at least 8 weeks of age and weigh at least 2.2 lbs. Profender for Cats. Profender for Cats is a single dose topical solution for the treatment and control of hookworm, roundworm and tapeworm in cats and kittens. It has no side effects on felines. This spot-on treatment controls and treats gastrointestinal worms in cats. It is also safe to be used on pregnant and lactating queens. What is Profender. Profender is a broad-spectrum deworming medication used for controlling and treating parasitic infections [1, 2]. As a spot-on topical solution, it may be prescribed for treating infections caused by the different stages of canine roundworm, hookworm, lungworm, as well as adult tapeworms in cats.

A Cat’s Review of Profender, a Bayer topical cat dewormer Treatment Purr-lease note: I did not receive a free product sample and did not receive monetary compensation to write this review. Bayer did not request this review. I am not an affiliate of or associated with that brand. 26/08/2019 · Buy Profender Topical Solution for Cats, 11-17.6 lbs, 1 treatment Purple Box at. FREE shipping and the BEST customer service! Profender Topical Parasiticide for Small Cats Indications. profender ® topical parasiticide is indicated in cats and kittens, 8 weeks of age and older, for the treatment and control of parasitic infections caused by the developing L 4, the sexually immature adult and the adult stages of hookworms Ancylostoma tubaeforme and ascarids Toxocara. Profender for Cats: Profender Cat Wormer is the first-ever, topical dewormer used to treat and control intestinal parasites in cats, such as hookworms, tapeworms and roundworms. Buy branded Profender for Cats with free shipping.

What is Profender Cat Dewormer? Profender Cat Dewormer is the first-ever, topical dewormer used to treat and control intestinal parasites in cats, such as hookworms, tapeworms and roundworms. Not only is Profender Cat Dewormer easy to use, safe and effective, it also works in a single-dose capacity so there is no need for that pesky second dose! Practice Type Show More. We provide the veterinary supplies a clinic needs to support top-notch care in companion animal health. Companion Companion.

Indikasjoner Til katter som har, eller er utsatt for, parasittære blandingsinfeksjoner forårsaket av følgende arter: Rundorm Nematoder: Toxocara cati moden voksen, umoden voksen, L4 og L3, Toxocara cati L3 larver, behandling sent i drektighet for å forebygge overføring til avkom via melken, Toxascaris leonina moden voksen, umoden. Oral Safety Studies in Cats: PROFENDER Topical Solution was administered orally at the recommended topical dose to young adult cats. The cats exhibited salivation, vomiting, tremors, abnormal gait, abnormal respiration and weight loss. These signs were self-limiting.

08/09/2014 · Profender is easier for most cats, vs. trying to get them to take a pill. It has undergone testing to ensure its safety. Looks like most of the adverse reactions are similar to any other "spot on" type medication. Bayer - Profender website Product Label. Profender Spot-On Solution for Large Cats is used to treat mixed parasitic infections caused by roundworms, tapeworms and lungworms in larger breed cats weighing 5 - 8kg. Each 1.12 ml Tube Contains: Emodepside 24mg, Praziquantel 96mg Pipettes Sold.

Profender Spot On Wormer For Large Sized Cats below 17lbs 8kg & over 11lbs 5kg available with Free Shipping at CanadaPetProducts for CAD$ 10.95 only for Single Application. Profender for cats is a spot-on treatment for roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms and lungworm in cats. Provender will protect your cat from intestinal worms and lungworm for 3 months at a time. Profender can be used on kittens from 8 weeks of age weighing more then 0.5kg. Bayer’den İç Parazitlere Evde Çözüm:. Bugün uygulama yapmışken sizlerle de bilmeyenler için @bayerturk Profender’i paylaşayım dedim ? Kediler için enseden damlatarak uygulanan ANTİ PARAZİTER, iç parazitlerin tamamında etkili olması,. Cat Stick Somonlu Ödül Çubuğu. Well, no longer shall you have to trade one for the other! Profender makes deworming easy. Just a few drops on your cat's skin and you are on your way to a worm free kitty. Killing roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms, Profender will keep your cat safe from a worm invasion. Give tablets the boot and keep your cat safe with Profender. Profender is the first-ever, topical dewormer used to treat and control intestinal parasites in cats, such as hookworms, tapeworms and roundworms. Profender is easy to use, safe and effective, usually works in a single-dose capacity.

Profender provides treatment and control of common parasitic cat worms. The topical treatment eliminates the need to coax your cat into taking an oral medication. Simply snap open the tube and squeeze the drops onto the scruff of the neck. In the past, cat dewormers were oral medications that led to stress on the cat and the pet owner. 11/08/2019 · I've been using Profender on my cats for about 7 years now. I take care of a large colony of cats, 23 of them at the moment, and I've never had any problems. I think there is always a slight chance that an animal might have an allergic reaction to something no matter how safe it is for other animals.

Profender should not be allowed to enter water courses as emodepside has shown harmful effects on aquatic organisms. Any unused veterinary medicinal product or waste materials derived from such veterinary medicinal product should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements. 7. MARKETING AUTHORISATION HOLDER. Bayer Animal Health GmbH. Cats. As a cat owner, you know all too well the independent streak that many cats possess. One thing that they cannot do alone is protect themselves from disease. Bayer understands this and is dedicated to providing solutions to help protect your cat’s health so that you may enjoy its company for years to come. Profender Topical Solution is recommended as a single topical application. If re-infection occurs, Profender can be re-applied after 30 days. Approved for cats and kittens that are at least 8 weeks of age and weigh at least 2.2 lbs. The safe use of Profender has not been evaluated in cats used for breeding, during pregnancy or in lactating queens. Profender. Profender, world’s first-ever topical de-wormer is the best solution for disinfecting cats. It effectively treats and controls parasites that live and multiply in the intestine of cats. Moreover, this spot-on solution effectively treats all types of gastrointestinal worms.

Profender: Intestinal Worms Treatment for Cats Profender is the only spot-on Allwormer that kills the most important types of intestinal worm in cats. Used every three months, Profender treats lungworm and protects your cat and your family from gastrointestinal worms. Profender kills all infective stages of roundworms, hookworm and tapeworm. Profender Spot-on Solution for small cats Profender Spot-on Solution for medium cats Profender Spot-on Solution for large cats Presentation Profender spot-on solution for cats is a clear yellow to brown solution containing 21.4 mg/ml emodepside and 85.8 mg/ml praziquantel, with 5.4 mg/ml butylhydroxyanisole E320 as antioxidant. Profender Spot On Wormer for Cats is cheaper from Pet Drugs Online - the home of top brand, low cost pet care. Compare our prices and see how much you can save. Profender 30 mg / 7.5 mg Spot-on oplossing voor kleine katten. Profender 60 mg / 15 mg Spot-on oplossing voor middelgrote katten. Profender 96 mg / 24 mg Spot-on oplossing voor grote katten. Praziquantel / Emodepside. Gehalte aan werkzame en overige bestanddelen. Actieve bestanddelen: Profender bevat 21,4 mg/ml emodepside en 85,8 mg/ml. 01/11/2019 · Profender contains two active ingredients: emodepside and praziquantel. Emodepside is an ingredient found only in Profender and is effective against adult and immature stages of roundworms and hookworms. Praziquantel, an ingredient used in several other effective Bayer deworming products, effectively removes tapeworms.

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